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COVID19 interrupted many things in our life. To curb the spread of the virus, Movement Control Order (MOC) was enforced. Though face to face teaching and learning came to halt, was replaced by online learning. In the context of teaching and learning, teachers face a lot of problem in carrying out practices which were a norm before. This study intends to explore a group work, which was carried out during the pandemic. More importantly, on how to assess a group work, which was carried out online, is explored. The aim of this study is to reveal how a peer assessment, for a group task was carried out during the pandemic. Instead of students, 30 music pre-service teachers were involved in this study. They were divided into ten groups. These pre-service teachers were enrolled in a music pedagogy course. One of the tasks involves a group work. Each group is required to produce a video. The video is assessed based on three criteria i.e content of the video, creativity and group collaboration. Each pre-service teacher assessed another group’s video using these criteria. Descriptive statistics and web analysis were used to analyse the scores given by the pre-service teachers. The result revealed that the component of creativity is viewed differently by many pre-service teachers, compared to the other two.


Group work, Peer assessment, Web analysis, Group task, Online assessment, Music education, Teacher training.

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Ramanaidu, R. R., & Wellington, E. S. (2021). Narrating Peer Assessment in a Group Task. Journal of Contemporary Research in Social Sciences, 3(3), 62-68.