Focus and Scope

Contemporary Research in Education and English Language Teaching (ISSN: 2641-0230) is an open access journal. It provides a forum for academic people in the field of Education and Applied Linguistics to exchange the ideas, information and academic experiences in the form of written scholarly articles. This journal is devoted to publishing articles in the fields of education, teaching, learning, Applied Linguistics and other relevant subjects, but preference is given to papers related to theoretical and practical issues in education and English language teaching. The authors are invited to submit articles in the following fields: 

  • Collaborative learning & environment
  • Computational Linguistics
  • Computer-mediated communication
  • Corpus linguistics
  • Didactic/pedagogical issues
  • Discourse and Interlanguage Pragmatics
  • Discourse and Organization
  • Distance education/learning
  • Distance learning systems
  • Distributed learning environments
  • Educational multimedia
  • Educational systems architectures
  • ELT Materials Development and Evaluation
  • English Globalization
  • English Language Teacher Education
  • English Language Testing and Assessment
  • ESP and EAP
  • Human-computer interface issues
  • Hypermedia systems/applications
  • Intelligent learning environments
  • Intelligent tutoring environments
  • Interactive learning environments
  • Interdisciplinary Approaches
  • Learning by doing
  • Multimedia systems/applications
  • Network-based learning environment
  • Online education
  • Research on English Language Teaching/Learning
  • Second Language Acquisition
  • Simulations for learning
  • Syllabus Design and Curriculum Development
  • Teaching/learning strategies
  • Web based instruction/training

The journal is published  both print and online versions. The online version is free to access and download. The journal accepts article submissions online or by e-mail:

Paper Selection and Publication Process

1. Upon receipt of paper submission, the Editor sends an E-mail of confirmation to the corresponding author within 1 working day. If you fail to receive this confirmation, your submission/e-mail may be missed. 

2. Peer review. The review process may take 15-30 days.

3. Notification of the result of review by E-mail.

4. E-journal in PDF is available on the journal’s webpage, free of charge for download. We aim to post articles online within 1 week of acceptance.

5. If the submission is accepted, the authors must modify the manuscript and pay a 100 USD article processing fee.