Ohio community pathway HUB: The cost benefit of supporting minority mothers



  • Karen H Larwin Youngstown State University, Ohio, USA
  • Aimee Budnik Akron Summit Community Action, Inc., Ohio, USA
  • Susan E Horne John Carroll University, Ohio, USA

Ohio has a persistent infant mortality problem. A Pathway Community HUB model of care is used across the state of Ohio to provide supports to at-risk minority women during their pregnancies and after the birth of their children. To measure the success of the Pathways HUB Community Action, a cost-benefit analysis assesses the benefits resulting from the investment in the program. Using provider data and national, state, and county-level birth statistics, a cost-benefit analysis was conducted. Results indicate that the cost benefit of these services is a safe investment at a 4.4 return on cost saving. Public funding for infant mortality prevention reaps not only improved birth outcomes but financial rewards far exceeding the costs of investment, justifying further investment. A full breakdown of the results is presented, and the implications for the level of cost saving is provided.


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Larwin, K. H., Budnik, A. ., & Horne, S. E. . (2023). Ohio community pathway HUB: The cost benefit of supporting minority mothers. Journal of Contemporary Research in Social Sciences, 5(2), 27–37. https://doi.org/10.55214/26410249.v5i2.328


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