The Effect of background Music on Reading Comprehension Regarding Extroverts / Introverts Personality Dimensions


  • Mojtaba Aghajani Khatam Ol-Anbia University, Iran, Tehran


The researcher in this study intends to focus not only on the effect of music on reading but also on the effects of music on extroverts – introverts personality dimensions. The main question this study tried to answer was whether listening to music as a background might enhance students' reading scores. A total of 68 language learners from Eresk educational group participated voluntarily in this study. They were selected out of 83 students, employing Nelson proficiency test and were randomly assigned to two groups. Before distributing the tests, Fog index was calculated to determine the readability of the texts. The texts were at upper- intermediate level. The participants in experimental group were asked to read three texts accompanying by music background, but the subjects in the control group were asked to read the same texts without background music during three sessions. To see if there is a significant difference between the reading scores of the two groups, Independent Samples t-test was run. Statistical analysis was applied for the effect size, Mauchly's Test of Sphericity and one-way repeated measure ANOVA. At the end, Pearson correlation coefficient showed the relationship between scores of students’ performance and scores of introversion- extroversion scale. The results of the present study indicated that background music has the potential as a facilitator not as a distraction to be used as an effective aid for reading classes.


Background music, Classical music, Extroversion, Introversion, Reading comprehension

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Aghajani, M. . (2019). The Effect of background Music on Reading Comprehension Regarding Extroverts / Introverts Personality Dimensions. Contemporary Research in Education and English Language Teaching, 1(2), 19–24.


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