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Entrepreneurship emphasizes creativity, innovation, effort, commitment, and riskiness. Entrepreneurs in the industry are a factor in product innovation, increased wealth and job creation. Entrepreneur for innovation and creativity must have a spirit of risk and responsibility, purpose-oriented, realistic, transformative, willing, high self-confidence, intellectual, high-skilled, expert, and forward-thinking. The aim of this study, analyzing the role of the entrepreneurship in the growth and development of the country's industry. In this research, it has been tried by reviewing scientific sources and examples of studies qualitatively can be done analysis of the information and data collected. Therefore, it can be concluded in the industrial and economic system of entrepreneurs, the same innovators and owners of ideas and ideas, the main capital and infrastructure are in sustainable development. According to the results of this study, Entrepreneurship is the Foundation of growth and development in the industry and plays a fundamental role in the development of the industry.


Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Creativity, Industry, Industrial Development.

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Hosseini, R. (2019). Role of the Entrepreneurship in the Development of Industry. Journal of Contemporary Research in Business, Economics and Finance, 1(1), 1-11.