A conceptual approach to the strategies and steps of digital marketing



The aim of this study is to create a broad conceptual framework for emerging digital marketing tools and stages. A theoretical-based study of the concept of Digital Marketing and its digital marketing tools was conducted using journal articles, academic resources, books, and reliable internet sources. In light of this information, information is synthesized into a conceptual framework. In this framework, information about the basic principles and components of the concept of digital marketing is placed. Digital marketing and social media marketing have been proven to have many benefits for both suppliers and retailers. For suppliers, helping to enhance brand loyalty for retailers is another important finding, while benefiting from improving customer relationships. Digital marketing, the new face, and invention of marketing has become important to study the stages and methods of digital marketing to adapt and adapt to technology in changing global conditions. Businesses can increase their chances of success in a turbulent, chaotic, changing global digital environment by understanding the new global digital reality and focusing on new marketing rules. At this point, it will be inevitable that those who use technology well will catch success. It is clear that implementing digital marketing steps will provide a huge long-term advantage.


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Durmaz, Y. ., & Akan, R. E. . (2023). A conceptual approach to the strategies and steps of digital marketing. Journal of Contemporary Research in Business, Economics and Finance, 5(2), 25–34. https://doi.org/10.55214/jcrbef.v5i2.205


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