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The study investigated the influence of corporate social responsibility activities on employee job performance of listed food and beverages companies in Nigeria. The study, anchored on the Social Identity Theory, adopted the content analysis approach and obtained panel data from financial statements of sampled companies for the period 2014 to 2018. The study deployed descriptive, correlation and regression analyses as data analytical techniques. The findings indicated that employment of physically challenged, expenditure on staff training and development, and community based projects have a positive and significant association with employees’ job performance. The study further revealed that monetary donations and gifts to charity organisations and NGOs have a significant negative relationship with employees’ job performance. The study concludes that corporate social responsibility practices enhances job performance of employees and recommends amongst others the need for corporate managers to properly recognize the type of CSR activities that their employees respond favorably to since not all CSR activities motivate employee job performance.


Corporate social responsibility, Employee Job performance, Food, Beverages companies, Community based projects, Expenditure on staff training, Development, Monetary donations, Gifts.

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Otuya, S., & Akporien, F. (2020). Do Corporate Social Responsibility Activities Influence Employees’ Job Performance?. Journal of Contemporary Research in Social Sciences, 2(2), 26-34.