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Purpose – This study aims at examining the effects of the brand related capabilities on the IMC process in consumer markets of Pakistan. It will extend the acceptability of the brand orientation scale in comparison to its application in retail industry only. Design/Methodology/Approach – Both brand management and IMC related literature was thoroughly reviewed to conceptually develop the links between the individual brand related capabilities and IMC process for empirical investigation. Findings – The results of the study established significantly positive relationship between the brands related capabilities and IMC process except for the functional capability. The main contribution is conceptual theorization of distinct, value adding, symbolic and functional capabilities with the IMC process and obtaining statistically significant results for the hypothesized relationships. Originality – This study takes the position of individual capabilities in contrast to studies on aggregate effect of brand orientation on the IMC process in the context of consumer companies operating in Pakistan.


Antecedents, Resources, Capabilities, Integrated marketing communications, Distinctive, Value added, Symbolic, Functional.

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Ahmad, A., Salleh, S. M., & Perumal, S. a/l. (2019). Brand Related Capabilities and the Process of Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC): A Resource Based View (RBV). Journal of Contemporary Research in Social Sciences, 1(6), 136-150.