Focus and Scope

Edelweiss Applied Science and Technology (ISSN: 2576-8484) will consider transdisciplinary and innovative research papers in the following areas:

Applied Social and Management Sciences

Economics, Accounting & Finance, Education, Psychology, Social Health, Sociology, Visual and Performing Arts, Humanities and other relevant subjects.

Engineering and Technology

Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Acoustical Engineering, Mining Engineering, Instrumentation and Control, Aerospace, Automotive, Computer, Electronic, Petroleum, Software, Architectural, Agricultural, Biosystems, Biomedical and Industrial Materials, and other relevant subjects.

Natural Sciences

Biology, Chemistry, Food Chemistry and Biochemistry, Ecology, Agriculture and Environment, and other relevant subjects.

Physical Sciences

Chemistry, Physics, Earth Sciences, Astronomy, Geology, Atmospheric Science and Oceanography, and other relevant subjects.

Formal Sciences

Logic, Mathematics, Mathematical Logic, Mathematical Statistics, Theoretical Computer Science, and other relevant subjects.